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Mini 10 Pixel Strip

Mini 10 Pixel Strip

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This is a mini pixel accent strip with ten WS2812 2020 mini pixel LEDs.
Great for inlaying into your chassis for some additional blinkies.

A 330 ohm through-hole resistor is included to be wired in series with the data line if it does not already have one integrated.

The strip is made of a flexible PCB that can be cut if needed.

Note Unlike typical strips used for pixel blades, the data line is at the top indicated by 'SIG', pixel positive indicated by '5V', and pixel negative indicated by 'GND'.

Each strip has been personally tested to verify all pixels are functional.

Listing Includes:

  • 1x mini 10 pixel strip
  • 1x 330 ohm through-hole resistor



  • Length: 50mm
  • Width: 3.5mm
  • Height: 1.15mm