About Us

Who we are

Hello there saber community! Stardust Sabers is an individually run Greater Toronto Area based lightsaber parts store run by Herbert Wong.

I'm just a guy who wondered what it would be like to build my own lightsaber like a Jedi, and down the rabbit hole I went!

After a few years of installing lightsabers, designing chassis, and fumbling around, I want to offer you the parts you need to build your own lightsaber!

When did I start

The first custom lightsaber I bought was in 2019 the Skylar from Sabertrio with a Pico Crumble RGB install.

I thought to myself, what would it be like if I built my own lightsaber. At that time I never really thought I could do it, but I kept researching anyway, lurking around various communities, and decided to give it a try.

It was when Neopixel was first starting to get popular. The major soundboards out were Crystal Focus X, and Proffie v1.5 which was deemed to be too much of a tinkerer's board.

But then came the Verso from KR Sabers and it was the perfect board for me start with. Then in early 2020 I built my first Neopixel lightsaber, a Crimson Fallen from Ultrasabers.

Down the rabbit hole

Then came the hilt that I remembered having a retractable version of as a kid, the Qui-Gon saber. The OneReplicas Super Stunt Qui-Gon took a slimmer chassis than what was offered. Most people had 1" diameter chassis but this needed less than that.

We debated on whether it was the right time to get a 3D printer to design my own chassis for it. Boy did that escalate quickly.

Getting that printer made the biggest difference in having control over my saber installs.

It was rough starting out, figuring the right component cutout sizes, the right chassis diameter, print quality, filament strength. But I was finally able to fit the components I want in my builds, most of the time.

Here we are today

Since starting installing my own sabers in late 2020 I've learned a lot from build to build. It's a never ending learning experience for each of us sabersmiths. And now I'm here to help you build your own lightsaber.

It'll be rough the first time. You may spend hours on a simple problem. You may fry some components. But it's a fun hobby leaving you in awe of what you can accomplish when that blade lights up.

Just don't let the magic smoke out too much!