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89 Sabers/Korbanth Reforged Graflex Chassis

89 Sabers/Korbanth Reforged Graflex Chassis

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Here we have a static chassis for the 89 Sabers Episode 9 Reforged Graflex hilt also offered by Korbanth Sabers.
This is only for specifically the Reforged Graflex model and is not compatible with the regular Graflex variation. The chassis for that is available here
It is designed to slide in the blade holder and locked in place with 2x 6-32 retention screws.
Chassis have battery polarity indicators, by default this chassis will have the positive towards the speaker for easier battery access.
These are printed in high quality PLA with a variety of colour options.


  • Soundboard: Proffieboard v2.2, Golden Harvest V3, Verso, or Crystal Focus X
  • Battery: Removable Protected Button Top 18650 Battery (Battery contacts will be provided)
  • Speaker: 28mm Bass Speaker here
  • Power Management (Optional): High Amp Kill Switch here

Listing includes:

  • 1x printed Reforged Graflex chassis
  • 1x pair of battery contacts
Other electronics not included

If at any point in the install the chassis is making it difficult for your install instead of enabling, please reach out to us immediately. We'll be more than happy to work through the issue with you.



  • Total: 119mm
  • Main Chassis: 104mm
  • Chassis retention neck: 15mm


  • Main Chassis: 35mm
  • Switch Housing: 27mm

Returns and Exchanges

As 3D printed chassis are custom made to order we will unfortunately not be able to offer a refund or exchange on these items.

But if you encounter issues with the chassis which you are dissatisfied with, please reach out to us immediately and we'll be more than happy to work with you to try to get it resolved.