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7 Rail Chassis Connector

7 Rail Chassis Connector

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This is a chassis PCB connector set that can be used to make a removable chassis module. No more dangling wires in your builds and hard wired chassis in your hilt. A more elegant chassis solution for a more civilized age!

Designed for Neopixel builds with a data line, blade detection, and 2 buttons in mind. Each pin is rated at 5.20A 20% de-rated maximum current and 6.5A peak current.

Please refer to the diagram for wiring up each PCB.
Aside from the positive and negative rails, the other 4 pins can be utilized as you see fit to suit your build.

Note: The male and female PCBs diameters are different, please refer to the listed dimensions.

Due to the fabrication process, PCBs may have edge breaks which may need to be filed down. Be careful not to file too much that the copper traces are exposed.

For the pre-soldered option I'll be soldering each of the pins on the male PCB. Wire leads will not be included and pads will not be pre-tinned.

Listing includes:

  • 1x 6 Rail Chassis Connector Female PCB
  • 1x 6 Rail Chassis Connector Male PCB
  • 15x 4.5mm tall Mill-Max pogo pins
  • 1x 6 Rail Chassis Connector Female PCB
  • 1x 6 Rail Chassis Connector Male PCB with 15 soldered Mill-Max pogo pins


Male (Pin) PCB

  • PCB Diameter: 24mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Recommended PCB Holder Depth: 3.2mm-3.3mm

Female (Flat) PCB

  • PCB Diameter: 23mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm

Pin Height: 4.5mm