SN-V4 Pro - More Information

Battery Removal and Insertion

Some sabers may use an external battery charger which require removing the battery to recharge it. You may also want to remove the battery to reseat it in your ECO Saber or charge it externally. Below is a demo showing how to remove the battery from the tight battery holder and re-inserting it back in the core.

Saber with multiple blade retention screws

What if my saber has multiple blade retention screws? Should I tighten them all in?

Good question, here are some diagrams to illustrate which ones you should tighten. The blade retention screws are marked in blue and the contact points acting on the blade are marked in red.

In the middle diagram with all retention screws tightened, the red areas marked in red are the surface area contact points of the blade. Note how it's only really making contact with the 4 retention screws and the opposite ones are counteracting against each other.

Whereas in the 3rd diagram on the right, where only retention screws on the same side are tightened, the blade has much more surface area contact with the inside wall of the hilt itself.

It's preferred to tighten retention screws on the same side, or 90 degrees from each other so the blade has more surface contact which results in it being held in the saber tighter.