SN-V4 Pro - Introduction

Before use, charge the saber fully with the provided cable and charging block, or external charger. Make sure to not supply more than 5V and 1A output to the saber or charge the saber while it's on. If those numbers mean gibberish then don't worry, that's what the charging block is for!

Charge for about 3 hours for but make sure not to leave it completely unattended.

To insert the blade, use the provided hex key to loosen the emitter blade retention screws. Insert the blade and tighten the screws just enough to hold the blade in place with friction.

Be careful not to over-tighten, as this will dent and damage the blade. Light marks on the blade from the set screw is expected.


SN-Pixel V4 comes with a large library of sound fonts (27) already on the SD card but you can add even more just by dragging and dropping it on the SD card. There are at least 10 blade styles and 12 preon effects that can be configured with even more available to be customized via the mobile app!