SN-V4 Pro - Default Sound Fonts

Here are the 27 default sound fonts included on the SD card. You may add, edit, or delete sound fonts but make sure you keep a backup of the files on your local hard drive.


Number Sound Font Name Sound Font Artist
1 Ani's Padawan JuanSith
2 Angry Ani JuanSith
3 Blue Lady Master JuanSith
4 Master Depa JuanSith
5 D-Maul JayDalorian
6 Dookula JuanSith
7 Dark Sith Red Mountain Sabers
8 Emperor kyberphonic
9 Fallen Order Cal JuanSith
10 Frolic Frog JuanSith
11 Graflex IX JuanSith
12 Grumpy Ben JuanSith
13 Inquisitor JuanSith
14 L-Skywalker JayDalorian
15 Mace Windy JuanSith
16 Mando Saber JuanSith
17 Master Mundi JuanSith
18 Obi Ep III JuanSith
19 Quin Vos JuanSith
20 Revanchist - Reborn JuanSith
21 Revanchist - The Butcher JuanSith
22 Temple Guard JuanSith
23 TFU 2 Secret Apprentice JuanSith


The Lost Sister JuanSith


The Princess JuanSith
26 Tulak: The Greatest Swordsman JuanSith
27 Rogue Vader JuanSith