Modular Creative Hilts

Modular Creative Hilts? What are they?

Modular Creative Hilts is a system of hilt parts that can be mixed and matched by screwing them in together. Similar to other swappable hilt parts like MHS from The Custom Saber Shop, VHC from Nexus, and ASP from SaberForge.

These hilt parts are designed around the swappable electronics cores manufactured by TXQ Sabers.

We stock the hilt parts locally and are usually split down into individual parts:

Note: Some parts may take place of multiple sections. Such as Switch Emitters taking up both the Switch and Emitter sections.

Once you have a hilt combination that you like make sure you also outfit it with electronics and a blade if you want to make it functional.

You can find a table comparing the features of each of the electronics cores offered here!

If you would like to see what your saber would look like please feel free to drop us a message and we can assemble it for you to see!

Come and mix and match parts to creatively forge your own hilt!