Customizing your Proffie

What will I need?

Before you start you'll want a few tools:

  • the Proffieboard
  • a computer
  • micro USB cable (with data transfer and charging)
  • micro SD card reader

Thankfully if you've purchased a custom installed Proffie saber from us we already provide the micro USB cable and micro SD card reader!

If you need extras we offer them in our store as well!

How do I customize it?

To configure a Proffie saber you'd want the "config" file. It's essentially a recipe of the mapping of sound fonts to blade styles for your saber, as well as how the blade and button wiring are set up for your specific saber.

If you have purchased a custom installed Proffie saber from us we have stored a copy of your saber's config file on the SD card in the Proffie as well as attached a digital copy to your purchase on the website. If you can't find it please reach out to us and provide us with your order number.


To configure the Proffieboard itself there is a useful desktop app developed by Ryryog25 in the community. This all in one tool guides you through all the steps of configuring your Proffie as well as uploading your changes to the Proffie

You can find the tool on GitHub here:

Manual Steps

If you would like to learn how to manually update your Proffieboard then Fett263 has an excellent guide on his web page that walks you through step by step on setting up your computer as well as the Proffieboard so you can upload changes to it.

You can find the instructions here: